Bizarre Experiments (Episode 28)

Posted on May 12, 2019

Psychic Dogs & Deadly Fogs (Episode 20)

Posted on Mar 10, 2019

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The Stories:

A Lost Monument to Industry—and Traditional Urbanism | The American Conservative

No Escape In Sight - 1990 Tennessee I-75 Pile-Up

Dazzle Speaks with the Dead | The Baffler

Phantoms and Monsters: Pulse of the Paranormal

My girlfriend started finding little white hairs in her mouth. : nosleep

Other links:

  • Thanks to Sam Haysom for the nosleep story. Buy his book, The Moor
  • "Ossuary 7 - Resolve" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

The Last Cargo Cults, Death Ship, and Moon-Eyed People (Episode 19)

Posted on Mar 01, 2019

The Stories:

On a Remote Volcanic Island, American Soldiers are Worshipped like Gods

The SS Ourang Medan: Death Ship (Updated) | MB Forde

The Moon-Eyed People | North Carolina Ghosts

Candles : nosleep

"Staircase Man" x 41 Strange

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